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  • me at age 9: omg i cant wait to be a teenager, getting drunk and partying 24/7 with all my friends!!!!
  • me as a teenager: who the fuck just unfollowed me

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my little adorable cutie.

my little adorable cutie.

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Clothing Trends Men Hate and Why IDGAF

Hit it right on the head. Everyone needs to watch this, thanks.

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the most overused adjective on tumblr is “hauntingly”

this is literally the first time I’ve seen the word “hauntingly” on my dashboard

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Mostly she breathed in the sea air and thought about Percy. Gods forbid she ever had to break up with him. She’d never be able to visit the sea again without remembering her broken heart.

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idk what i’m doing w/ my life but i know i’m doing it wrong

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